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At Kids Planet Academy we believe the first years of your child’s life are the most vital years.

Who Offers The Best Childcare In Sydney?Daycare Centers?

When you're looking for the best childcare in Sydney, you want to look for a place where your child will be safe and comfortable. You want to leave your child in the hands of someone who will help to nurture their development and growth so they can attain their full potential. The challenge is landing an option that’s both best for you and your child and within your budget. Fortunately, there are several child care options to choose from.

Interestingly, many parents continue to opt for daycare centres for the reason that they are so structured, well-equipped, safe and diverse in their childcare services. Not to mention children are under the care of qualified professional caregivers. Many other reasons that set them apart from the rest of the options.

So that’s what we’ll start with then look at the rest of the options. 

Childcare Center

Daycare focuses on children below school age in a setting especially built or adapted for early childhood education and care services. Private businesses, county councils, community organisations, employers and non-profit organisations may run long daycare centres.

Child care centres will offer you all-day or part-time care as both are within their care programs. Meals are usually provided for your child. Some long daycare centres provide after-hours care for a fixed number of primary school children before and after school and on school holidays.

Best Childcare In Sydney

You can find facilities that offer quality child care in Lindfield, North Shore, Chatswood, Macquarie Park and other nearby suburbs.  Before you select one, look out for the following:

  • Inclusive thoughtfully designed curriculum
  • Policies that promote safety and child wellbeing
  • Qualified professional and experienced caregivers
  • Recommended caregiver to child ratio
  • Modern infrastructures and facilities
  • Play objects and activities that promote child growth and development

If a centre ticks all the boxes in relation to these factors, then they are probably a suitable option for you.

Other than daycare facilities, here are the other options you will come across: 


This is a structured educational program for children in the years before your child starts school. Your child at the time might between 3 and 5 years of age. Pre-school may take place in a range of settings-a structured room, community setting, a school,or as part of a long daycare centre.

Part-time Daycare

Part-time daycare facilities only provide short periods of care for children under school age. They are a suitable option if you do shift or part-time work, require emergency care or when attending your appointments. Part time childcare in North Shore allows you the flexibility to leave your child in an early childhood learning environment to socialise and interact with other children as you perform other tasks. As mentioned earlier, this kind of care can be part of a daycare program. 

In-home Care

This is a suitable form of child care where care is provided in your home by an approved caregiver. In-home care is available when you do not use a formal child care service or where your child care needs cannot be managed by an established service. You may be eligible for in-home care when:

  • Your  child has an illness or disability,
  • You are living in  rural or remote areas
  • Working long hours


A nanny is usually employed on either a temporary or permanent basis to undertake all tasks related to your child's needs. A nanny's tasks are generally restricted to your child's care and the domestic tasks related.  Your nanny might or might not have had any formal training though they usually have a lot of experience in providing child care. 

Au Pair

These are foreign citizens living in Australia for up to a year -it could be for education, cultural exchange purposes or to have a feel of Australian life. An au pair lives as part of your family and receives a set  allowance or salary in exchange for taking care of your child and handling household chores. Most au pairs don’t have experience in providing child care in North Shore and nearby suburbs, a vital factor you need to consider.

Shared Nanny 

Shared nannies are hired by two families to manage tasks related to their children. If you are interested in having a nanny care for your child but are hesitant due to expenses, nanny sharing with another family could solve this..


You can hire a babysitter to take care of your child. They are usually part-time caregivers and provide care when it's most convenient for you.

Relative care

This is when a family member watches and provides care to your child. This type of care has an advantage, as someone you already know and trust is watching your child. It can also add probable stress to your family dynamic if you find it hard to inform the said relative on what you expect.

Final Thoughts

It’s clear that long term daycare centres offer the best child care in Sydney, especially when you're working with standard fixed hours. As mentioned earlier, they offer a structured day for your child, with time for outdoor play, learning, meals and sleep time. Your kid gets to socialise as well, which is a big plus. They also get quality education from a formally trained staff well equipped with childhood development skills. Some day care centres also act as preschools. This means your child can have a seamless transition into a formal school setting.

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